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The new moon in Scorpio arrives today.

The moon enters Pisces, bringing information your way. It's an intense day for communication as Mars clashes with Pluto—avoid picking arguments, and give yourself space to be alone if you need it.

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There's an unpredictable and irritable energy in the air until the moon enters Pisces this evening—finds ways to feel secure and safe. Astrologers love to say you go with the flow, Pisces, but you're entitled to your preferences and boundaries, too!

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  • As Mars clashes with Pluto today, you're done being a doormat, especially in your social circle. The moon enters your sign, asking you to nurture yourself.

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    Anger is a normal human emotion, and there's no shame in feeling it, especially as your ruling planet Mars clashes with Pluto today. Just remember that you have a reputation to protect, and find healthy ways to express your anger. The moon enters Pisces this evening, reminding you to rest. Watch out for road rage as warrior planet Mars clashes with the lord of the underworld, Pluto. You're usually very patient, Taurus, but today you may see red. The moon enters sensitive water sign Pisces, encouraging you to talk things out with friends.

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    An aggressive energy is in the air as warrior planet Mars clashes with the lord of the underworld, Pluto. That said, you can tap into a massive well of creativity today as you access your anger.

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    • The moon enters Pisces, encouraging you to bring your creativity to your career. You're not a fan of confrontation, Cancer, but you'll use your crabby pincers if you must! Warrior planet Mars clashes with destructive Pluto, stirring up an irritable energy in your private life and in your relationships.

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      The moon enters Pisces, inspiring you to take some time away from it all—you're in the mood to travel. Watch out for sharp words as warrior planet Mars clashes with destructive Pluto—this isn't the day to pick an argument!

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      The moon enters sensitive water sign Pisces, asking you to make space for grief and other heavy emotions. You're ready to rip things to shreds and start over, Virgo. Warrior planet Mars clashes with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, and you're not feeling very patient today. Love and money are intense topics for you at this time.