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You are nothing but ugly on the inside. You are on the dole. And now you fucking complain about our stagnant minimum wages???? Go fuck yourself, you pretentious derpy pigfucking Kansan hick. Why did you go silent on me? I never got it. And I never doubted this, my friend told me about some of your escapades with her nothing dirty, really, just a clear message that yes, you are into girls. What bothers me is when you switched back, you immediately picked up this other guy. Just your confession of being bi, and then running off and away from the problem. The silence, it fucking hurts.

I thought you were shiny and grand when I lived in a land of white bread.

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You never have been, and I doubt you ever will be. You, who I was a fool for, who I would have done anything for. And your message seems pathetic. I no longer need to help you. I no longer care. You are barely a footnote. I have great things in store, and you…you are not one of them.

You had numerous emotional and mental issues and were probably an alcoholic. You made me feel responsible for your happiness and well-being. You roped your family into our relationship way too early. You: I loved you truly and deeply, arguably more than I loved anyone else. You were an extension of me.

All my important memories featured you, from Christmas to getting my cat. It was my fault for trying to bring up romance between us, as though that were somehow the next logical step to a beautiful friendship. It took me a year and a half after we stopped talking to feel like myself again. You were brilliant and beautiful. I loved you and I wanted you.

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It never would have worked out between us, but perhaps if we had met under different circumstances, we would have at least had the opportunity to go hard and burn out fast. As it stands, you inspired some of my best poetry, but I can no longer go to see certain bands in our city.

Fair trade. You: I told you how hard it is for me to get close to people, and I trusted you. You were one of the closest friends I ever had. Then you tricked me into going on a date with you—twice. You and you: Never make a move on me. I know where you sleep. You are fantastic. I have never been so comfortable being close to someone. Everything seems innocent and beautiful. You know what I mean. I hope we work out. We only met briefly and i was so busy but I wish we could meet again and take the chance because I really liked your vibe.

Man, you guys need to get over it, all of you.

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Deep breath, let go of all the grudges. This a happy-living and coming-from-the-heart advice. But the whole thing was a bit melodramatic and it made me smile a little, therefore my easygoing comment. No hard feelings attached. You, we were good together. We were. Then you vanished into a haze of depression and I was there for you but you cut me off anyway.

And there are so few people who get me, who I could be with. You: I was in love with you and you fucked me over. I hate that. And your cunt mother. Yes, I said it. Your mother.

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You NEED to take care of yourself. It was fucking stupid and you know it and need to own it and stop trying to make me feel bad. I want to not be mad and you and I want the thing that happened to not have happened, but it did. I hope eventually we can be okay and you wont bring this up every chance you get 5 years from now. Talk about a whirlwind romance. I miss you.

I regret being persuaded you were worth it. They were wrong.

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Too little to late, but I had to say it, somewhere somehow. I made your life hell because I was an insecure bitch. I wish I could go back and do things over. You — I love you with all my heart but I cannot abide your family. They are everything I hate. They use you, leech off your earnings and love for them and they drag you down. Hearing all these first world weepers is really something.

There are people with real tragedies all over the world, and here we have a pity party for emo coffee shop debutantes pining over metro boys. The sooner you get over yourself, realize your good fortune, and move past your post-pubescent thumbsucking, the sooner you will be happy and bring happiness to others.