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Right now, Venus is in retrograde. Venus rules love, appearances, beauty, gifts, creativity, and deep connections between lovers, friends, and even work. Right now, in astrological sensibilities, it's wise NOT to get your hair cut, buy expensive art, breakup or start dating, change the course of life related to any passions That being said, acknowledging this information may just be enough to keep you on track.

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We run our own lives and do want we want, so maybe get bangs tomorrow. Either way, I'm still interested—and looking for new insights as to how horoscope angles inspire you. Leave your thoughts, opinions, and stories below. So now that you know it's better to stay away from your hairstylist this month, here's how to maintain mid-length hair. It's a perfect moment to explore the emotions of admiration and respect, and to pay homage to your influences.

Oscar Goodman envisions televised spectacles in which the vandals' thumbs are cut off. His proposed punishment goes too far for my tastes, but I'm wondering if you might approve of it. Lately you've been having bouts of overreaction, entertaining extreme fantasies in response to circumstances that don't necessarily warrant them.

I'm not saying your intense emotions are completely unjustified, Cancerian, nor do I recommend that you repress them. I'm simply asking you to let some time pass before you take action on your feelings. His explanation: Many patients have idiosyncratic genes that prevent the medicines from functioning as they were designed to.

In my opinion, Leo, there's a similar principle at work regarding just about everything that conventional wisdom says is good for you. That's always important to keep in mind, of course, but especially for you right now. More than ever, you'll benefit profoundly from not only questioning authorities and experts, but giving them the third degree. Typically the cocoon is dunked in boiling water to kill the pupa inside before it can chew its way out. Another precious material with gross origins is ambergris.

It's a foul-smelling excrement that sperm whales vomit. After years of exposure to the sun while floating on the ocean, it transforms into an aromatic, waxy substance that's used as a major ingredient in perfume. Silk and ambergris are your personal power symbols in the coming weeks, Virgo. I predict that you'll turn crap into treasure. That's especially true for you this week, Libra. You shouldn't automatically believe every bit of feedback about yourself that comes your way, either from mirrors or any other source.

Be skeptical of every image that people have of you, and don't sit there passively while they barrage you with their expectations. In order to further upgrade your integrity a project I hope you're in the midst of , you may have to make yourself immune, at least temporarily, to what everyone thinks of you. You're skilled at swinging from one trapeze to another. I enjoyed looking up those various disabilities yesterday, and now await a puzzle with ageusia!

More than 200 firefighters responded to the home, which was fully engulfed in flames.

To all at the tournament, have a great time…. NYT: Apparently this is not widely known, but something else Michael Strahan is good at is playing football. No, seriously. Well, duh.

I was merely hoping to educate those who had missed his standout exotic dancing performance. Were you already aware of that?

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  • To all the ACPT competitors, good luck and have fun! Hope the weather in Stamford is better than snowy Chicago….

    Melania Trump attends service in somber trench dress

    Watch Bei Bei now! The DMV staffing in Zootopia was priceless. The movie is almost certain to win best animated picture next year. Must see.

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    The first three entries on my online search says a bailey is the walls or the space contained within those walls. Need I go on?? Skip to content. NY Times crossword solution, 4 2 16, no WSJ — Sat, Bookmark the permalink. April 2, at am. Christopher Smith says:. Amy Reynaldo says:. April 2, at pm.

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    I enjoyed that little factoid about Michael Strahan and dancing — I had no idea! I think your write-ups are great.

    Sending love to all the Fiend bloggers.