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The person I have become, more competitive, bears little resemblance to the person I had been. I communicate more easily. I play an essential role in the community. Thank you Marc. MARC wastes no time in getting to the point. Astrology comes alive via a lively writing style. I have found them very precise and accurate. The overall effect is rather convincing. I always come to your website to read my horoscope.

Very detailed and always on-point. Marc's passion for his work and compassion for others shines through.

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Mentally see the objectives you want to materialize. Your next step is to clearly formulate and recite assertive affirmations of what you want to happen in your Life. Trust Life. What do you think?

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I would like to read your emailed comments and feedback so that I can provide you with more first class insight, useful tips. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on a wall help too. Plain common sense. More suggestions? Bring into your living space natural materials such as straw, cotton, solid wooden furniture, stone or wood sculptures, big plants, ceramics and similar objects that are conducive to pleasurable vibes. So, go ahead and materialize it. Good Fortune. To attract abundance, display flowering plants such as orchids, tiger lilies.

Put some Quartz Crystals near the plants. True Dynamo these stones are. Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy. Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi. To circulate and spread Good Fortune, use live plants and quartz crystals to help chi flow throughout your house and workplace.

To improve the core essence of your daily existence, make your environment attractive and comfortable.


It is much preferable to work in a space filled with natural lighting surrounded by fresh plants with your back away from the entrance door. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on the wall of a clutter-free office do help too. Red Tiger Lotus or Lilies. Also, acquire 6 quartz crystals, one for each corner of your house or apartment, put the fifth quartz crystal next to your computer and the 6th crystal next to your phone base.

By sharing and spreading True selfless and unconditional Compassionate Loving Kindness. By being kinder to your Self and more patient with your Self, by loving your body you amplify Joy and expand the Love you want to share with others.

By forgiving your Self for your non-successes of the past. In other words, by saying YES to Life. By trusting that Life will be kind to you in direct proportion to the kindness you have for your Self and for others. That way you inner-grow and increase your chances to meet each new challenge as it arises and live a much happier Life. Your Cosmic potential is limitless. Hello sir, Good to see an active site where people are really answered for their queries. I am Deepika Jennifer David D.

I would like to conceive as soon as possible… Pls guide me whether our stars are favourable for this or are we going to expect delays in life. Hello sir,my name is monika agnihotri and my date of birth is 2. When we will have baby? Sir, My name is :shilpi Agarwal Date of birth: 12th june place: kanpur time Hello my name is chelsey Brooke daughtrey And my husbands is hunter Andrew daughtrey his birthday is Oct 22, mine is April 13, our marriage date and is Oct 22 I was wondering if we are going to have a baby soon..

My name is Shilpa. My husband name is Pradeep.

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Kindly let me know when I will conceive. Since I am the elder daughter in law, everyone are worried. Please let me know. Dear sir , my name is Logeswary Chandrasekaran.. Thanks for contacting astronlogia. My Name is Shilpa Arora Sir Pl tell me when I will become mother my name mamatha dob My husband name vinoj prabhu dob Marriage dob Hello sir My name is jyoti sirohi, dob 26 Oct time am place hapur,up My husband name is Tarun Rana, dob 10 Aug time am place mawana, up Our marriage date is 23 april place meerut, up I get miscarriaged my first child in April I want to know when I will get conceived Please help me.

Hi my name is pavithra. Then I conceived 4times but no result place help. You can visit our Name Calculator to find out your number and go from there. This is Simpi Poddar. I really need your help. I have been married for 3 yrs now but there no luck in pregnancy. Your suggestion will be very helpful for me. Thanks, S. Can i have any email id for your contact, Please help.

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Please note that in transit Saturn aspect on Jupiter is causing delays and obstacles. You will get the desired results after September The possibility of conceiving are strong therefore you should keep trying. Also do the remedies of Jupiter for getting benefits. Should i go for medical help to conceive? My family is advicing to go for iVF.

Will i conceive naturally. Awaiting for your reply. Is der any mail or no: to contact. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Comment: My name is B. J Sharma i get married 3 years. Sir please tell me when will have our baby again without any bad effects and our marriage life is also not good why this things happened in our life we are so much tension. If we look at the planetary transit we see that at present you have Ketu in the 5th house of your wife horoscope and Rahu is in the house of gains.

Jupiter the karka for children is in the 12th house. Rahu and Ketu along with Jupiter will move in September Therefore the period after September is much more favorable for having healthy a child. As Saturn rules the 5th house,doing astrological remedies of Saturn and Jupiter are strongly recommended. She conceived twice.. Both were aborted due to nt grown and dint get heart beat.. I am very depressed because v lost twice wen conceived. So pls help me is their any problem in our kundli regarding child..

Your relationship is not an easy one, because you do life each other and have the attraction that takes a relationship forward.