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Questrial Influenced by Helvetica. Geostar A blackboard bold face. Followed by Geostar Fill Handlee Free Google Web Font. Squada One Free at Google Web Fonts , it is a squarish Impact-like family.

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Bemio Published by Lost Type , it is an ultra bold sans. Klinic Slab Venera , Lost Type. Majesti Banner , Lost Type. A decorative didone. Google Font Directory link. Additional Google link. Devian Tart link. Cargo collective link. Adolfo Monti.

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He also made Cibreo , Sugo Adrian Frutiger. Famous type designer born in in Unterseen, Switzerland, who died in September Art director for Editions Hermann, Paris to Frutiger lived near Bern, Switzerland, and was very interested in woodcuts. Quote: Helvetica is the jeans, and Univers the dinner jacket.

Helvetica is here to stay. He designed over fonts. Digitized by Linotype in The Bitstream version of this font is Formal Script Bitstream's Calligraphic is slightly different. About the name, Frutiger wrote I liked the name Monde because of the simplicity of the sequence of letters. The name Europe was also discussed; but Charles Peignot had international sales plans for the typeface and had to consider the effect of the name in other languages.

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Monde was unsuitable for German, in which der Mond means "the moon". I suggested "Universal", whereupon Peignot decided, in all modesty, that "Univers" was the most all-embracing name! Univers IBM Composer followed. In , Linotype published Univers Next, which includes 59 Linotype Univers weights and 4 monospaced Linotype Univers Typewriter weights, and can be rented for a mere Euros. In , Linotype added Univers Next Typewriter. Apollo , Monotype : the first type designed for the new Monotype photosetting equipment. Alphabet Entreprise Francis Bouygues.

Alphabet Algol. Astra Frutiger. A typeface variant of Frutiger licensed under Linotype. It is the font used on the highways in Switzerland. Serifa , Bauersche Giesserei. Bitstream published the digital typeface Serifa BT. The slab serif is robust and is based on the letterforms of Univers. Devanagari and Tamil , both done for Monotype Corporation.

Dokumenta , Journal National Zeitung Suisse. Alphabet Facom Alphabet Brancher , Brancher. Iridium , Stempel. A didone with slight flaring. Alphabet Centre Georges Pompidou. In , Frutiger Next was published by Linotype. In fact, Frutiger, the typeface was made for the Charles De Gaulle Airport in for signageit was originally called Roissy, and had to be similar to Univers.

It was released publically as Frutiger in The modern Bitstream version is called Humanist Glypha , Stempel.

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See Gentleman in the Scangraphic collection. Breughel , Stempel; , Linotype. Versailles , Stempel. Linotype Centennial Avenir , Linotype. In , Linotype Avenir Next was published, under the supervision of Akira Kobayashi, and with the help of a few others. Lovely poster by Ines Vital Vectora , Linotype. Linotype Didot See also Linotype Didot eText Pro , which was optimized by Linotype for use on screens and small devices. Herculanum , Linotype : a stone age font. Shiseido Frutiger Capitalis , Linotype : a further exploration in the style of Herculanum, Pompeijana and Rusticana.

Linotype trademarked that name even though at least five fonts by the name Capitalis already exist. Pompeijana , Linotype. Rusticana , Linotype. Frutiger Stones , Linotype and Frutiger Symbols. Frutiger Neonscript. Courier New , based on Howard Kettler's Courier, was one of Frutiger's projects he was involved in ca. AstraFrutiger : a new signage typeface for the Swiss roads. Erich Alb comments: With a Frutiger condensed Type and illuminated signs during night it is mutch better readable.

Nami is a chiseled-stone sans family, made with the help of Linotype's Akira Kobayashi. Neue Frutiger , with Akira Kobayashi has twice as many weights as the original Frutiger family. Bio by Nicholas Fabian. A quote from his keynote speech at ATypI If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the wrong shape. The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take information off the page When it is a good design, the reader has to feel comfortable because the letter is both banal and beautiful.

Wikipedia link. View Adrian Frutiger's typefaces. View some digital versions of Avenir.

More Vimeo movies. Adrien Midzic. Fatnobrain was Adrien Midzic's design studio in Paris. Born in , he co-founded Pizza Typefaces with Luc Borho in Midzic designed these typefaces or type families: Fine lineal , Blokus free pixel font, , Cimen strong sans, designed for Smacl Entraide , Mesquine lineal , Blitz , Cucha, Stencil Reverse , Huit , a gorgeous didone headline face , Stenha stencil. Fonts made in The ETH family art deco sans.

It was renamed Vanille FY after a few days. At the free font cooperative Velvetyne , he published the sans typeface Lack In , he made the 3-style sans typeface Suber for an art fair in Paris. The roman transitional typeface Bota Serif , which was inspired by Cochin designed by Charles Peignot in is a custom font designed for Hotel des ventes de Poitiers. In , it was finally released for retail.

In , he published the piano key typeface Mixal, which became a large experiment on variable fonts and is free for everyone. Another Behance link. Velvetyne link. Polish creator of the curly psychedelic didone typeface Hippie In , she created a text typeface. Designer, b. Shanghai, China, who is based in Los Angeles. Designer of the didone typeface Touch He is associated with Production Type.

Even more remarkable than the size of the type system is the stylistic scope it covers, including elaborate italics, monolinear Lights, heavily slab-serif-flavored Caption cuts, and Grande styles that verge on becoming stencilsall referencing different works from the golden era of the Didots. With this pluralism of style and character, Trianon almost commands you to use it in all the "wrong"ways, exhibiting flamboyant shapes, flexibility, and individuality.


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Fontsquirrel link. Akira Kobayashi. Born in in Niigata, Japan. Studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

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He also studied calligraphy at the London College of Printing. He became a freelance designer in Akira Kobayashi, who was based in Tokyo prior to his move to the Franfurt area, is an accomplished type designer who has created numerous typefaces for Sha-Ken, Dainippon Screen where he made the kanji font Hiragino Mincho , TypeBank from , ITC and Linotype, where he is Type Director since CV at bukvaraz. Interview in His typefaces: Helvetica Neue eText Pro Dainippon Screen: the kanji font Hiragino Mincho.

Stempel AG and the Linotypes design studio in Neuzeit S itself was a redesign of D. In contrast to Times New Roman, Times Europa has sturdier characters and more open counter spaces, which help maintain readability in rougher printing conditions.