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Thread Tools. Prasant Nair Junior Member. Join Date: Dec Posts: 3. Find all posts by Prasant Nair. Join Date: Dec Posts: Find all posts by aishelly. If the President stumbles McConnell would take center stage. Democrats may decide to let Trump run for a second term and permit the American electorate to decide whether the President should have another chance.

But what Democrats and also Republicans should be concerned about is what the impeachment inquiry means for a potential trade deal with China and an already agreed-upon deal with Canada and Mexico, plus not forging ahead with any legislation like a drug prescription policy for the American people.

New cyber security laws put into place by the Trump government, also border wall funding for the Southern side. US economy fairly even in with modest growth Markets to go up and down. Upheaval world-wide with a new and better way of living, new idea, new concepts. Globally a lot of major economies will create more demand for US goods.

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Productions will return to American firms. New technology will make it cheaper to operate in USA than overseas. Jobs relocated back to US will pay more. The big cities of the South and West are in for the most new health care jobs, Phoenix, Denver and the major metros of South California and Texas lead the way.

Raleigh N. Other industries and metro areas that will benefit most from them; in manufacturing, Atlanta, San Francisco, Nashville, Tenn. Second half of sees an all-mobile financial service provider become a Bank.

Artificial intelligence tech will be used for more and more businesses to hike employee productivity and enhance efficiency. It will enhance rather than displace human workers, and a slew of new jobs will be created. SpaceX gigabit internet satellites launch early in , offering a new, global internet service by the end of the year. IRS looking into digital currencies asking customers info from coin platforms, and focusing audits on big firms.

Freddie Mac launch a new lending program for affordable housing. Fannie Mae and Freddie moving towards overhaul of housing finance with two government sponsored firms issuing a single security. US will produce almost 12 million barrels of crude oil per day in making US top oil producer.

Yeddyurappa to be CM by March 5: 2 astrologers ready to quit profession if prediction fails

Bicycle repair will boom in due to bike commuting popularity, and one of the list of fastest growing jobs. The US economy will go along fairly well in but growth to downshift as labor shortages and other constraints will start to show. Small firms will be upbeat and will start to expand and offer retirement plans to their workers. The Federal Reserve to implement extra rate hikes to keep inflation at bay.

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Americans stay put in their homes and remodel instead of buying new homes which helps home improvement stores. The stock market will still be volatile but stock will rise further in with modest gains. US Tourism on upswing with national parks costing more. Bitcoin could reach new heights but only after a tumble but then they could rise again and end Global elite will buy up property in New Zealand in the hopes of escape World War 3 in the future.

Homeless Day named into law in America where all citizens of America contribute to those living on the streets. Despite the passage which requires Johnson to request an extension to Brexit negotiations to end of January , if he fails to secure parliamentary support for a deal by 19 October, the PM will continue to insist that he will take the UK out of the EU on 31 October, deal or no deal. Benjamin Netanyahu has six weeks to form a new government and if he cannot nor can his opponent, this will lead to new election in Israel where Netanyahu may prevail.

This results in a more fragmented Parliament but the Centre right and Centre left will lose their combined majority. US and Iran will negotiate and Putin will play a major role. Iran will approve of Russia to arbitrate between the two countries. Iran will soften its stand and the two sides will reach an agreement. They will extend nuclear deal limits on Iranian centrifuges and enriched material for 10 years if US agrees to drop all sanctions so Iran can do business with US banks and businesses.

Also US will insist Iran stop its threats and actions in the region, and Iran will go for it. Before the next summit with Kim Jon Un President Trump will try to negotiate a new cost-sharing agreement with Seoul to pick up a larger share of cost of basing US troops in that country. US wants Seoul to pay more. Before the second summit with Kim Jon Un President Trump will try to negotiate a new cost-sharing agreement with Seoul to pick up a larger share of cost of basing US troops in that country.

The personal chemistry between Trump and North Korea is keeping nuclear negotiations alive but not as yet solving the matter when North Korea will denuclearize. Kim wants a treaty from US to end Korean war. Boris Johnson will be elected the next Prime Minister in England.

He would lead the Conservative Party to a 40 seat majority, deliver Brexit by October 31 and leave the EU with or without a deal. He would also reduce taxes for the British people as well as defeat Jeremy Corbyn.

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A possibility of Pope Francis resigning amid the conflicting sexual reports in but he also has the chance to stay on and change his legacy in the Catholic Church and appoint women at the highest level as Cardinals, and allow priests to marry and those who have devoted their lives in the church to have companionship and marry. Ottawa in Canada agrees to bilateral trade pact with USA, also forest fires flare up in parts of Canada. The President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and President Trump come to an agreement to develop projects to generate jobs in Mexico, improve security and reduce migration.

More co-operation between Saudis and Israel re cyber security which Saudis need for their country. Governor Newson of California allocates money for adding more security of all churches, synagogues, and mosques in California. California to become one of the powerhouses of the world economically as more foreign leaders bypass Washington in search of blue states allies with California at the top of the list.

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